Monday, 30 July 2012

My cat snowy is grey with some white fur.She is really soft and fluffy.When I sit down she jumps on me and sits on my lap, then she sleeps on me when Im watching tv.She doesn't like other cats :)


The Devilz year 7&8 netball team are the only netball team from school to ever win a division and a tournament.Since the school was built there hasn't been a single netball team to ever&achieve such things.The players are, me (Vanessa), Chelsea, Georgia, Madison, Kirsty,Luisa, Kantana and Diaz. Our team has had a winning streak this season for all but one game. Our goal this year is to win, yet another division.


Taco's are delicious that will be my topic for this post.The reason I'm posting on this blog is because I have to tell somebody how delicious taco's are.Taco's are hard shells that you fill like burritos.The main ingredients is the meat, I prefer chicken or mince. You need to cook the meat with the "Old El Paso" taco powder that you get with the packet. Cook the chicken until golden brown, fill the rest with lettuce,tomatoes,carrots and other vegetables of your choosing.Serve the taco shells warm with filling and glass of orange juice.

Maurice True Genius Mexican Style.


In the weekend I went up to Taranaki. it was a 4 or so,hours driving. My sister was complaining the whole way.It was a boring drive but when we got there we got to party because it was our friends 60th birthday.It was a fun weekend,I had a great time!!!

By Hannah