Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Our zoo enclosures

Earlier this term we visited the animals at Wellington Zoo. We looked at the animals enclosures and the way they lived to get some ideas of how we are going to put our own enclosures together. We thought about what we needed to make it the best possible enclosure for the animals and also so it would be safe for them and us, here are some of our enclosures.

By Mike and Diahn

Our spectacular production

On 26 & 27 of September will be the our spectacular production ,what is based on the amazing race.we feel it will be amazing because the whole school are spending hours on dancing/singing for it.We have spent tons of time making props and my class especially are trying hard in dancing our part in the production.My class are Russia so our costume and dance are based around that subject. By Grace & Caleb

New Rimu classrooms

This year will be a year this school changes into a brand new environment because there will be brand new classrooms on the top field .These will be the new Rimu block . They are for years 2-4 which is going to give us less space to run around since the construction is happening.But the very good thing what will happen is that there will be more students making new friends around the school.My ideals to put four square up on the top field so that there will be more room for people to play there own games .I think it will be a fantastic idea of having a concrete area so that not everyone has to wait for there turn to hangout in a area. By Grace

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dancing in the USSR

In Mr J's class we have been working hard on your production dance, Back in the USSR as it is getting closer and closer to the production. One of our many moves is a traditional Russian dance move , our ideas on our dance costume are a white top and black shirt for the girls and white top and black jeans for the boys and one the white top we are getting the Russian flag colours painted on it but you will have to wait to see how good it really looks.

by Diahn & Michael

Friday, 10 August 2012

Goodbye Sebastian

On Friday it was Sebastians last day. We wish him good bye. He is going back to Denmark. Sebastian said "I am going to miss my friends most of all" He also said "The school in New Zealand are much better and the teachers too". Sebastian has been all around the world. If you could go to a new country what would it be?

By John F

Our Big Change

This year we are having a big change. On the top field there is going to be a brand new classroom! It is going to be a new Rimu block, here is a sneak peak.

By Laura

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Class Merits

The following people have received merits  for their positive and/or helpful attitude. They have stepped up to the mark and been a supportive member of our school community. 
Great work guys, its been a pleasure working with you in our class.

Mr J.

Monday, 30 July 2012

My cat snowy is grey with some white fur.She is really soft and fluffy.When I sit down she jumps on me and sits on my lap, then she sleeps on me when Im watching tv.She doesn't like other cats :)


The Devilz year 7&8 netball team are the only netball team from school to ever win a division and a tournament.Since the school was built there hasn't been a single netball team to ever&achieve such things.The players are, me (Vanessa), Chelsea, Georgia, Madison, Kirsty,Luisa, Kantana and Diaz. Our team has had a winning streak this season for all but one game. Our goal this year is to win, yet another division.


Taco's are delicious that will be my topic for this post.The reason I'm posting on this blog is because I have to tell somebody how delicious taco's are.Taco's are hard shells that you fill like burritos.The main ingredients is the meat, I prefer chicken or mince. You need to cook the meat with the "Old El Paso" taco powder that you get with the packet. Cook the chicken until golden brown, fill the rest with lettuce,tomatoes,carrots and other vegetables of your choosing.Serve the taco shells warm with filling and glass of orange juice.

Maurice True Genius Mexican Style.


In the weekend I went up to Taranaki. it was a 4 or so,hours driving. My sister was complaining the whole way.It was a boring drive but when we got there we got to party because it was our friends 60th birthday.It was a fun weekend,I had a great time!!!

By Hannah

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

               Year 7 and 8 pupils working hard in class.
                               Can you spot the frog?
Our writing group discusses and improves their recounts.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Comic life lives

Here is a quick example of comic live in action.Don't take it too seriously though.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Athletics Day

Check out these keen athletes as they represent our school at the Parumoana Athletics sports.

Great stuff guys, well done.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Team Work

How to work as a team, moving from island to island.

Book Review of the Week

Katie is well on her way to achieving a merit with her latest book review on Non Fiction.
She has found the wonderful world of words and lists under the vocabulary section words like reduce,simmer, specialities and quality.
Do you know what they mean and how to use them in your everyday conversation?
Try slipping it into your conversations and amaze and impress people.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Well come to 2012 with MrJ

Hi Guys,
Well come back to school. Hope you have had a great holiday.
this is our class Blogg for the year. I hope to maintain it and have a link between school and you at home.
Here's a picture of me as a 6year old just to get things started. Not much has changed has it.
I hope you make some time to add a post from time to time.